Monday, May 30, 2011

Our New Addition; The Un-Named Pup! And An Update.

So it has been a good week or so here at home. Our chickens are all doing well and the littles are getting bigger. I'll have to post new pictures here soon of the chicks, turkey, and the big chickens.

So through a friend I got a told about some people that had run out of their dog food for their pups and they said they'd trade an 8 week old lab pup for a bag of food. After conferring with the husband we decided to choose one! I got the one that was out going but not too crazy or too shy; he also happened to be the biggest guy.

We have no name and are in the process of switching his food over from purina to INFINIA Turkey and Sweet Potato and all Oregon Wilco's carry it and they have a buy so many get one free and they keep your card at the register! This is great because it is an all life stages food so all my dogs can eat it.

Also a cat update; the kitten sadly passed away. The vet said it was fading kitten syndrome; J was very sad but unfortunately has dealt with death a bit in her 4 short years so she is doing better now. Bingo has been doing quite well. I am extremely pleased with his health.

And without further interruption here are some pictures of the new pup.

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