Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday, Bloody Sunday...

Oy Vey what a day! To tell this story I must go back a few weeks to my dear like a Grandma Paula's funeral. What a crazy day; at her request everyone wore purple. Afterwards the family went back to her house to get belongings they wanted to keep. That is when I got a call and was informed I was given a cat and Bingo was his name(o!). He is 18 years old, diabetic, and 17.5lbs. That is more then J weighed at a year. So that night I picked up Bingo and brought him home. He saw the vet and all seemed well, we switched him from a high carb dry food to a low carb wet food, lowered his insulin dose from 10 units twice daily to 5 units twice daily.

At the advice of his previous vet we had not tried testing his blood glucose at home because apparently he is known for taking down vet techs. UGH. So for the past two weeks I have been loving up on his ears (where you get your blood sample from) whenever I pet him, fed him, and pretty much saw him so he'd associate it with good feeling.

So yesterday afternoon I tested his blood glucose and it was 233 about 4 hours before his next dose of 5 units. The range the Vet wants him at is 100-250 so it seemed like we were doing well. At 10pm I gave him his 5 units of insulin and went to bed.

So now welcome back to today. OY VEY!  I get his insulin ready in the syringe and prior to injecting him I test his blood sugar and it was 25. So I quickly tested again and it was 25. So I had to spring into action to treat hypoglycemia even though he wasn't showing any symptoms. (I didn't give him his insulin this morning for the record since he was so low.) We were able to get his sugar up and he seemed fine so his vet said not to worry and just keep an eye on him. I also was on the feline diabetes forums a lot today getting feedback from them.

So tonight his blood sugar was 333 so I gave 1 unit and we will see how that makes him feel throughout the night. Thought I am happy to report he seems ok with being poked and if anyone wants to follow his blood sugars Here is Bingo's Spread Sheet.

Here is smug look from Bingo

Here is Bingo guarding J's room. 

So now I am going to go to sleep for awhile and hope I am coherent for M's 2 month appointment in the morning. Goodnight Moon. 

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