Saturday, May 7, 2011

A laid back Saturday

M is 8 weeks old today, my time has flown as it seems like she born only a few hours ago. She is smiling a good handful of times a day now and making some interesting noises out of her little mouth. She is such a content little baby and is just pleased as peach as long as she is fed, dry, and clothed in something comfy and preferably fuzzy.

Taken today at 8 weeks old

Our small garden project is going well we now have three marigold sprouts! They seem to be doing well. There seems like there might be a small sprout starting on the bell pepper, maybe? There is one sprout on the egg plant and now there are THREE sprouts on the tomatoes! J is super excited about it all. I can't wait to see if these actually flower or produce veggies! 

We went to the Farmers Market yesterday and they had a kids area (I wished I had remembered my camera)  and J got to paint a yogurt container and plant some sunflower seeds. So they are now part of our project too!

The three marigolds

The egg plant sprout

One of the tomato sprouts just starting

The second tomato sprout

The third tomato sprout 

The painted tub

The sunflower tub 

I also bought some rabbit meat yesterday and we are going to cook it tomorrow I am hoping it is a real big hit so we can start setting up for rabbits and our food! 

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