Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and Let There Be Growth!

Well I hope you all had a fabulous day and enjoyed it. We have had phenomenal day full of normalcy and love. I got to sleep in (with the baby of course) and then J cleaned her room without complaint. Then I got my present, I was allowed to go to the farm store and get a turkey, two buff orpington pullets, and we got a cornish cross to try our hand at a meat bird. If that goes well after our coop and run is finished we will keep getting 10 or so and culling them and throwing them in our freezer. 

Our plants are doing fabulously, all plants are sprouting even the peppers and we have two now in the egg plants! I am so glad these are working out and so is J. 

The marigolds are doing great

You can see the bell pepper. 

Egg Plant #1 

Egg Plant #2

The three tomatoes doing great! 

Here are our new additions to the flock. 

This is the Cornish X and you can see how robust it is. 

Here is one of the Buff's

Here is the other

Better shot

Here is the bronze turkey it'll make a fine Thanksgiving dinner. 

So I had a fabulous mother's day and I hope you did too! I need to go do the cloth diaper laundry and go to bed! 

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