Saturday, August 27, 2011

It has been far too long!

I am sorry it has been so long, school and mommy-hood got in the way of blogging. Well my term at LBCC is finished and I don't start again until the 26th of September. The chickens are great and we are starting to get a good hull each day. The pup has a name, Oso, and he is doing great! We also had a dog that was stolen and returned to us thanks to his micro-chip!

You can see the difference in all of his features now. I can't wait to see Oso as an adult! 

This is Alphie who we are ecstatic to have home! He has been great with the chickens and rabbits so that is great! For those wondering he is a papered APBT.. 

J holding two eggs and being a goof! 

Eggs are everywhere, we even have a few double yolks here! 

M and J have gotten bigger! Though M is still super small! 

I think the biggest change is we are trying out pre-school for a year with J. The pre-school we choose has a lot of hands on methods similar to homeschooling. It is also connected to the local charter school here in town and perhaps she may do kinder there too. They use a lot of home school curriculum instead of the main stream ones. Though unfortunately they are a lottery system and it doesn't hold any significance to have attended pre-k there. 

Here is J's lunch system, it is a bento box and is the easiest choice for us for school since we have a child that loves fruits, veggies, and could eat rice for every meal and be the happiest kid in the world! 

While getting J ready for pre-k we have been looking lunches and ideas for her since she will be doing three full days while I am at school and two half days (mornings) for homework and subsequent labs in the following terms. So she will need a packed lunch three days a week! I found a great website Just Bento and it is a great place to start if you are interested. It shows how you can make simple bento boxes with even typical american food or you can get really creative! I know for us since J has started to take a liking to making her own sandwiches will love have the ingredients in there to do herself! 

There is a also a cook book that I ordered from Amazon, The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go, by the same author. Perhaps after more followers happen this may be my first give away. 

I also ordered some egg molds to mold hard boiled eggs into stars and hearts! 

(For those of you who are wondering who will have M while J and I are at school she will be with my wonderful MiL) 

I will definitely be checking in a lot more often! 

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