Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busy Day Today!

Today we had story time at the library and it was mundane as usual but J adored it. My midwife came by for my last appointment today and I got a clean bill of health. M weighs a whopping 9lbs 12oz up from 6lbs 4oz at birth.  She is fabulously efficient at breastfeeding and obviously doing quite well :D

Here is what I wake up next to every morning! 

Here she is today all snuggled in our moby wrap during swim lessons. 

Today J graduated from level 2 to 3 in swim lessons! She is super proud of herself and now wants to be on the swim team! She has another year before she is old enough so if she stays in swim lessons until then she should be fabulous! So the tail end of her swim class involved starting to learn the torpedo with assistance! 

Here is J learning the torpedo. 

Tomorrow is home school group and J is really looking forward to it! Oh and we have another sprout from the marigold greenhouse but still none of the others have sprouted. Only time will tell! 

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  1. It is so exciting when they learn to really swim! Awesome! Go, J!!!!

    Those two baby pics of M are just lovely! So sweet :)