Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Cycle of Life and The Four Year Old Psyche

So the plants are going good but the front runners, the marigolds, seem to be dying. The soil looks really wet and pressed down. I suspect fowl play at the hands of the four year old.

When I told her that she probably killed two of the plants she claimed she didn't do it and it was princess Alela who poured the water in it. I told her whom ever it was it doesn't matter since now no one can enjoy the ones that die.

Egg Plants


The marigolds.... 

The lone bell pepper. 

So beware of princess Alela she may pour too much water into your plants... 


  1. That Princess Alela :P Ask J what sort of consequence she would recommend for the princess! lol

    It is so exciting watching seeds sprout and grow!

  2. Oh that is good suggestion! I will do that since I am sure this isn't the last time since we will have an occurrence from the princess.