Saturday, May 14, 2011

Building The Coop and Other Fun!

So much has happened since Tuesday but blogger was being wonky so sorry for the delay. We went and got most of our building supplies today for our coop. Hopefully will be fully done by the end of next weekend. J's plants are doing great and she even bought some from the American Heritage Girls who were having a plant sale.  

We were super lucky and found flooring that was pretty much already made for the chicken coop so it should be relatively quick to put up once we have all the plywood and such cut to our dimensions.

Also a neighbor brought me a small kitten so I am fostering it until it is 2lbs and ready to be neutered. I'll take him to Willamette Animal Guild (a great place to get your animals spayed or neutered for a fabulously cheap price) and get his shots and then get him a great home. I have a friend that may be interested so that would be awesome but if not hopefully a fully vetted and fixed kitten won't hang out with us long.

The bigger guys.. 

The coop (not built) 

The fabulous looking egg plants

The tomatoes that are now too tall for the lid, they are getting transplanted too. 

The bell pepper

The second bell pepper! 

The lone marigold, I think we will be transplanting it soon. 

The sunflower seeds from the farmers market

A better shot of the sunflowers

The lemon cucumber plant that J bought today

Here is the lemon cucumber bud

Here is the kitten from a few days ago. 

I will start taking pictures of our coop progress as we start building! Also we had rabbit and the husband enjoyed it quite a bit so we are a go for raising our own rabbits for meat! I am quite excited about the fact I will know where our food source is coming from at least a little bit! 


  1. Chickens scare me to death, my grandmother had some 'mean' ones. Love the idea of raising your own food though. Rabbits and squirrels are THE best, especially if you boil them first!

  2. Not sure if I could do squirrels. All of our chickens are pleasant so far. If they turn mean then they'll just be culled and eaten.

    When our coop is complete we'll have room to do some cornish crosses and raise our own chicken meat too. I need to work on getting a freezer.