Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome Home!

Life is finally seeming to fall into place where I would like it too. We have our temporary chicken coop up and running, with four 10 week old hens and one giant 6 month old rooster. We also have another three hens in the brooder. I can't wait till the coop is done; we have most of the supplies and equipment. I hope to get all cut and organized this weekend and spending the next weekend constructing it.

Here is an inventory of our ladies. (I'll post pictures tomorrow)
2 rhode island reds
2 easter eggers
1 buff orpington
1 barred rock
1 black sex link

Our Roster is an easter egger mix.

I will also have pictures almost daily of J's and my current science project of growing seeds. We got four mini green houses and have planted the seeds. We will be watering them and having them bask in the sun (if Oregon gets any) and just observing what happens!

Till tomorrow my dears! Good night!

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