Saturday, April 30, 2011

We got a rabbit though don't think he is breeding material.

He is a super friendly and has yet to be named and probably won't be bred to anything. But he likes J and hay and that is pretty good.

The unamed buck. 

I am not going to bore you all with pictures of the green houses. They aren't sprouting quite yet so no need for pictures of dirt.

We are going to buy some rabbit meat from the meat butcher and I will make it on Friday for dinner so that way my husband can make the final decision on meat rabbits.

I'd love to be in a place by the end of summer '13 that we are eating 90% all our own meat and veggies. I am going to start canning this summer with produce from the farmers market but would like to grow my own for us next spring. Also next January/February I'd like to raise about 30ish meat birds to raise and freeze along with the hopeful frozen rabbits we should be able to get through a few months with out purchasing meat from the store. How awesome would that be?


  1. That would be very awesome, indeed :)

  2. That's awesome! We would like to do the same thing once we get in a place. Enjoy! Rabbit is good meat, very healthy, they breed rapidly and cheaply, and they're so easy to raise. Glad to hear you are doing so much exciting stuff!